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Seminar on Intelligence, Command, and Control.
Guest Presentations, Spring 1997.
[April 1998/Seminar] ISBN 1-879716-47-X I-98-2

Philip B. Heymann: Relationships Between Law Enforcement and Intelligence in the Post-Cold War Era
C. Kenneth Allard: Information Warfare: Hierarchies or Networks?
A. Denis Clift: Intelligence: The Left Hand of Curiosity
Douglas D. Buchholz: Ensuring Interoperability in Military Communications Systems: The J-6 Campaign Plan
Arnold E. Donahue: Perspectives on U.S. Intelligence
Charles A. Briggs: CIA Paths Toward the Information Highway
Anita K. Jones: Defense Science and Technology: Foundation of the Future
David S. Alberts: 21st Century National Security Challenges
Gregory J. Rattray: Strategic Information Warfare

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