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Seminar on Intelligence, Command, and Control.
Guest Presentations, Spring 1999.
[June 2000/Seminar] ISBN 1-879716-63-1 I-00-2

Charles J. Cunningham: Information Technology and Organizational Agility
Kawika Daguio: Protecting the Financial and Payment System by Dispelling Myths
Patrick M. Hughes: Future Threats and Challenges
Peter H. Daly: Critical Infrastructure Protection
Walter Jajko: Department of Defense Information Operations: A Critical Commentary
David J. Kelly: Providing Global Information Services to the Warfighter
Gregory J. Rattray: Defensive Strategic Information Warfare: Challenges for the United States
Michelle K. Van Cleave: Infrastructure Protection and Assurance
Robert T. Marsh: Critical Foundations: Protecting America's Infrastructure
Randall M. Fort: Whither the Elephant? Public-Private Sector Dynamics in the Information Realm

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