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Seminar on Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
Guest Presentations, Spring 1988.
[176 pages; March 1989/Seminar] I-89-1

Frank J. Breth: Getting in Front of C4I2 Problems
Ruth M. Davis: Putting C3I Development in a Strategic and Operational Context
Robert T. Herres: Strengthening the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Rae M. Huffstutler: Intelligence Sources and Their Applications
Robert C. Kingston: The Special Operations Command: Structure and Responsibilities
James R. Locher III: Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict: A Congressional Perspective
Earl F. Lockwood: The Evolution of Special Operations Forces
John F. McLaughlin: The Rise in Low Intensity Conflict: A Theory
Richard L. Thornburgh: Three Mile Island: A Case Study in C3I for Crisis Management
Jerry O. Tuttle: Tailoring C3I Systems to Military Users

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