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BulletProgram Affiliates

  • Are our only sources of support. They contribute only annual hands-off contributions. The result: We are in nobody's pocket and have statistical stability.
  • Review our working drafts and talk to us. The result: We know what's going on.
  • Use us in their thinking and planning. The result: Their decisions are better informed.

These are all the organizations that have affiliated with the Program since our inception

in 1973. Several appear more than once, but under different names. The Program has

sometimes been affiliated separately with different parts of the same organization. It has

also been affiliated with organizations before and after a name change.

List of Affiliates

ABRH Consulting, Inc.

Abt Associates, Inc.

Action for Children's Television

Advertising Mail Marketing Association

Aetna Life & Casualty Co.

American Broadcasting Companies

American Can Company

American District Telegraph Co.

American Management Systems, Inc.

American Newspaper Publishers Association

American Telephone & Telegraph Co.


Ameritech Publishing

Anderson, Benjamin & Read

Anderson, Benjamin, Read & Haney, Inc.

Anonymous Startup

Apple Computer, Inc.

Applied Telecommunications Technologies, Inc.

Arthur D. Little, Inc.

Association of American Publishers

AT&T Corp.

AT&T Information Systems

Auerbach Publishers, Inc.

Australian & Overseas Telecommunications Corp. (Australia)
Australian Telecommunications Users Group

Automated Marketing Systems

A.H. Belo Corp.

Bell Atlantic

Bell Canada

Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania
BellSouth Corp.

Beneficial Management Corporation

Berner & Berner
The Boeing Company

Boice Dunham Group Inc.

Albert Bonniers Forlag AB (Sweden)

Booth Newspapers
Booz Allen Hamilton

Boston Broadcasters, Inc.

The Boston Globe

Braxton Associates

Bunker Ramo Corporation

Bull, S.A. (France)

Burroughs Corporation

Business Information Publishing Co.

Cable & Wireless (U.K.)

Canada Post (Canada)

Carvajal S.A. (Colombia)

CBS Broadcast Group

CBS Inc.

Cellular One

Centel Corporation
Center for Excellence in Education

Central Telephone & Utilities Corp.

Centro Studi San Salvador, Telecom Italia (Italy)

Channel Four Television Co., Ltd. (UK)

Chronicle Broadcasting Company

CIRCIT at RMIT (Australia)

Citibank N.A.

CMC Limited (India)

Codex Corp.

The College Board
Commission of the European Communities (Europe)

Common Cause

Communications Workers of America

Computer and Communications Industry Assoc.

Computer Industry Association

Computer Intelligence


Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Continental Cablevision, Inc.

Continental Graphics Gorp.

Continental Telecom, Inc.

Continental Telephone Corp.

Coopers and Lybrand

Copley Newspapers

Corning Inc.

Cowles Media Co.

Cox Enterprises, Inc.
Critical Path

CSC Index (U.K.)

CyberMedia Convergence Consulting
CyraCom International

DACOM (Korea)

Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd. (Japan)

Databit Inc.

Data America Corp.

Data Communications Corp. of Korea (Korea)

Data Transmission Company

Deloitte & Touche Consulting Group

Department of Communications (Australia)

Department of Communications (Canada)

Des Moines Register and Tribune Co.

Dialog Corp.

Dialog Information Services, Inc.

Digital Equipment Corp.

Direction Générale des Télécommuications (France)

Diversified Communications, Inc.

Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette

Doubleday, Inc.

Doubleday and Co., Inc.

Dow Jones & Co., Inc.

Drexel Burnham Lambert Inc.

DRI/McGraw Hill

Dun & Bradstreet

Economics and Technology, Inc.

Educational Testing Service

EG&G, Inc.

EIC/Intelligence Inc.
Ellacoya Networks, Inc.

Elsevier Science Publishers (Netherlands)

Encyclopaedia Britannica


LM Ericsson (Sweden)

ESL Inc. – A TRW Company

ETRI (Korea)

European Parliament (Europe)

Exxon Enterprises, Inc.

eYak, Inc.

FaxNet Corp.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston

Field Enterprises, Inc.

First Data Corp.

First National Bank of Boston

First National Bank of Chicago

France Telecom (France)

Frost & Sullivan, Inc.

Fujitsu Research Institute (Japan)

Gannett Co., Inc.

Gartner Group, Inc.

General Electric Co.

General Motors Corp.

General Telephone & Electronics

GNB Technologies

Grupo Clarin (Argentina)

GTE Corp.

GTE Sprint Communications Corp.

Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Hambrecht & Quist
Hanaro Telecom Corp. (Korea)

Harper & Row

Harte-Hanks Communications, Inc.

Harvard University

Hazel Associates

R.A. Hearst
Hearst Newspapers

High Acre Systems, Inc.
Hitachi Research Institute (Japan)

Honeywell, Inc.

Household Finance Corporation

Hughes Aircraft Co.

Hughes Communication Services, Inc.

E. F. Hutton and Co., Inc.
IBM Corp.

Illinois Bell

IQ, Inc.

Information Gatekeepers, Inc.

Information Industry Association

Intel Corp.


International Business Machines Corporation

International Data Corp.

International Monetary Fund

International Paper

International Paper Company

International Resource Development

International Telecommunications Satellite Organization (INTELSAT)

International Telephone & Telegraph Corp.

Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc.

Investment Company Institute

Invoco AB Gunnar Bergvall (Sweden)

Iran Communications and Development Institute (Iran)

Irving Trust Co.

I.T. Direction Ltd. (UK)

Italtel (Italy)

Japan Telecom (Japan)

Kapor Family Foundation

Kavner & Associates

Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.

Knowledge Industry Publications, Inc.

Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Korea Telecom (Korea)

Korea Mobile Telecom (Korea)

Korean Information Society Development Institute (Korea)

KPN (Netherlands)
Lee Enterprises, Inc.

Eli Lilly and Co.

Lincoln Laboratory, MIT

LiTel Telecommunications, Inc.

Litton Industries, Inc.

Lockheed Missiles and Space Co., Inc.

Lotus Development Corp.

Lucent Technologies

Marstellar Foundation

Martin Marietta Corp.
John and Mary R. Markle Foundation

McCann North America

McCaw Cellular Communications, Inc.

McGraw-Hill, Inc.

MCI Telecommunications, Inc.

McKinsey & Co., Inc.

Mead Corporation

Mead Data Central

MediaOne Group

MeesPierson (U.K.)

Merck & Co., Inc.

Meredith Corporation

Microsoft Corp.


Ministry of Communications (Canada)

Minneapolis Star and Tribune Co.
Motorola, Inc.

National Association of Letter Carriers

The National Cash Register Company

National Computer Board (Singapore)
National Security Research, Inc.

National Telephone Cooperative Assoc.

NCR Corp.
NEC Corp. (Japan)

NEST – Boston

The New York Times Co.

New England Telephone

New Jersey Bell

Newspaper Association of America

Nippon Electric Co. (Japan)
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (Japan)

Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Public Corp (Japan)

NMC/Northwestern University

Norfolk & Southern Corporation

Norfolk & Western Railway Co.

North Communications

Northeast Consulting Resources, Inc.

Northern Telecom (Canada)

Northrop Corp.

Nova Systems Inc.


Ohio Bell

Ing. C. Olivetti & Co., S.p.A. (Italy)

Oppenheimer and Company, Inc.

OSCOM Communications, Inc. (Australia)

OTC Limited (Australia)

The Overseas Telecommunications Commission (Australia)

Pacific Bell

Pacific Bell Directory

Pacific Telesis Group

Payment Systems, Inc.
PDS Consulting

Pearson Longman Ltd. (United Kingdom)

J.C. Penney Co., Inc.

Pergamon Press Ltd. (United Kingdom)
PetaData Holdings, Ltd. (Bermuda)

Philips Kommunikations (Netherlands)

Pitney Bowes, Inc.

Planning Research Corporation

Polaroid Foundation, Inc.

The Post Office (U.K.)

PRC Information Sciences Company

Public Agenda Foundation

Puerto Rico Telephone Co. (Puerto Rico)

Qwest Communications International, Inc.

Reader's Digest Association, Inc.

Raytheon Company

RCA Corporation

RCA Global Communications

Research Institute of Telecommunications and Economics (Japan)

RESEAU (Italy)

Revista Nacional de Telematica (Brazil)

Reuters Limited (UK)

Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission

Rizzoli Corriere della Sera (Italy)

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Rockwell International

Royal Bank of Canada (Canada)

Saint Phalle International Group

St. Petersburg Times

St. Regis Paper Co

Salomon Brothers
Samara Associates

Satellite Business Systems

Scaife Family Charitable Trusts

Scientifica-Atlanta, Inc.

Scott & Fetzer Co.

SEAT S.P.A. (Italy)

Seiden & de Cuevas, Inc.

Siemens AG (Germany)

SK Telecom Co. Ltd. (Korea)
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP


Source Telecomputing Corp.

Southam Inc. (Canada)

Southern California Edison Co.

Southern New England Telecommunications Corp.

Southern Pacific Communications Co.

Southern Railway System

Southwestern Bell Corp.

Sprague Electric Company

Sprint Communications Co. L.P.

Standard Shares

State of California Public Utilities Commission

State of Minnesota Funding

State of Nebraska Telecommunications and Information Center
Strategy Assistance Services

Stromberg-Carlson Corporation

Swedish Television (Sweden)

Swiss Bank Corp. (Switzerland)

Systems Applications, Inc.

TEKNIBANK S.p.A. (Italy)

Telecom Australia (Australia)

Telecom Futures, Inc.

Telecom Plus International

Telecommunications Research Action Center (TRAC)

Telemation Management Group, Inc.

Telematix International Ltd. (Belgium)

Telesat Canada (Canada)

Tele/Scope Daily

Tele/Scope Networks, Inc.

Telstra Corp. Ltd. (Australia)

TFS, Inc.

Third Class Mail Association

Thomson Professional Publishing

Time Inc.

Times Mirror Co.

Times Publishing Co.

The Toronto Star (Canada)

Torstar Corp. (Canada)

Transamerica Corporation
TransMedia Exchange

Tribune Company

TRW, Inc.

UBS Brinson (Switzerland)

UNIEMP (Brazil)

United Air Lines

United Parcel Service
United States Government:

    Central Intelligence Agency
    Department of Commerce

        National Oceanographic and Atmospheric


        National Technical Information Service
        National Telecommunications and
        Information Administration

        Office of Telecommunications
    Department of Defense

        Defense Communications Agency

        Defense Intelligence Agency

        Defense Techical Information Center
        National Defense University

        Office of the Under Secretary of Defense

        for Policy

    Department of Energy
    Department of Health and Human Services
        National Library of Medicine
    Department of the Treasury
        Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

    Department of State

        Office of Communications

    Executive Office of the President

        Office of Telecommunications Policy
    Federal Communications Commission

    Federal Emergency Management Agency

    General Services Administration

    Internal Revenue Service

    National Aeronautics and Space


    National Communications System
    National Security Agency

    U.S. Army

        Office of the Assistant Chief of Staff for

        Information Management

    U.S. General Accounting Office

    United States Information Agency

    United States Postal Rate Commission
    United States Postal Service


United Telecommunications, Inc.

US - Japan Foundation

U.S. Media Group

US West

Vanguard Technology Corporation of America, Inc.

Venturist, Inc.

Veronis, Suhler & Associates, Inc.

Viacom Broadcasting

Videosoft Solutions, Inc.

VISA International

Voice of America

Warner Amex Cable Communications Inc.

Warner Communications, Inc.

The Washington Post Co.

Western Union

Western Union International, Inc.


Williams Telecommunications

Wolters Kluwer

Wolters Samson Group (Holland)

Xerox Corporation

Zenith Radio Corporation