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        The Program on Information Resources Policy is a research activity within Harvard University.

        Our subject matter is the world of information and communications viewed holistically; all its components and how they evolve and interact. We have been described as “Harvard’s think tank on the information age”.

        Our mission is to help those in charge make better decisions by having better information.

        We were formed in February 1973 by John LeGates and Anthony Oettinger.

        We have multiple goals:

  • To provide information and counsel to strategy-level decision makers and the public that is relevant, competent and impartial.
  • To satisfy the requirements of Harvard University: teach courses, supervise graduate study, publish respected research and advance the frontiers of knowledge.
  • To encourage and nurture related research and understanding outside the University.
  • To devise innovative procedures overcoming the historic incompatibility between “competent information” and “impartial information”.

        We have had financial and substantive support from over 400 organizations, and substantive interaction with countless others.

        We have produced over 500 book-length reports most with review from industry, government and academia.

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